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Review and analyze the development of automobile market

  • 2020-04-21 15:10:36

With the passage of time, 2019 has come to an end, and now it is less than two weeks before 2020. In this whole year, a lot of things have actually happened in the Malaysian auto industry. Here we will take you back to the events about the Malaysian auto industry this year. Of course, we also look forward to 2020, so we predict some things that may happen next year. First of all, let's start with local brands in Malaysia. In recent years, driven by giant Geely Group, proton is getting better and better day by day. Obviously, proton is on the right track of rejuvenation, ready to impact the deployment of champion throne and return to Malaysia first. However, this does not mean that Perodua, a brother of Malaysia, is on the verge of falling.

In fact, perodoua has been working hard, and its sales performance is the best return and proof. Despite Proton's bluster, perodoua's sales are still growing steadily. Assuming that the total volume of Malaysia's automobile industry (TIV) remains unchanged, the sales growth of proton and Perodua obviously comes from the loss of non localized brands, which is different from the situation a few years ago. Proton has now regained its second place from Honda and, if not surprisingly, its momentum should continue until it achieves its goal of returning to Malaysia first and ASEAN third.

But in fact, it is not easy for proton to return to Malaysia first. Please believe us, perodoua will not be captured by proton so easily. At present, there seems to be no major news about perodoua, but don't forget that the car manufacturer has always been very low-key. We don't know what's behind it, so we can't underestimate it.

In the first three days of 2019, the gap between proton and perodoua is clear. According to the past tradition, because most of the small partners will choose to buy cars at the time of year-end discount, many car companies usually have an empty window period in the year, but the launch of perodoua Aruz broke the tradition. Without extensive publicity / prediction in advance, and several months to collect orders, Aruz accumulated tens of thousands of orders in a short period of time after release. However, the So it's a surprise. Aruz is also the hottest car search word of the year. The seven seater SUV (in fact, MPV) is priced at rm77900, making it the most expensive production vehicle in perodoua in recent years (the short-term cbunautica is the only exception).

In hindsight, perodoua didn't have to worry about it at all, because many Malaysians saw good value in Aruz. In addition to having a larger body size than a typical Perodua, it has a greater advantage in appearance and safety than its peers, such as the Honda BRV. In the first quarter of 2019, the sales volume of perodoua remains strong, reaching the level of 82700 vehicles, which is the highest sales volume of the brand ever, with a year-on-year growth of 9.5% and a market share of more than 43%. According to the performance report released by perodoua, the sales volume of perodoua reached 121800 before the middle of the year (a year-on-year increase of 4% and a market share of 41.1%), so the original annual deployment target was increased by 4000 to 235000. It is very rare to improve the deployment target in the automotive industry.

In fact, throughout the year, after the launch of Aruz, Perodua didn't put too much ink on its products. In April, they launched the gearup suite for Aruz, as well as 50 bezza limited edition vehicles; in June, they announced the export of the new Seychelles, while myvi designed by Malaysia was also exported to Singapore and Mauritius; in the second half of this year, Perodua exported axia to Sri Lanka. In addition to Aruz, perodoua also released a slightly modified version of Axia in September this year. This is the second minor change of the most entry-level ascent hatchback of perodoua, the first time in January 2017. Now the new axia not only has a new suite, but also has a new crossover version.

The new axia starts at rm24090, which is still the cheapest car in Malaysia. On the top model, it also carries security features such as VSC and asa2.0, which further strengthens peroda's title as an entry-level security representative, which also helps to distinguish it from its rival in price, proton saga. After the minor change of Axia, we expect that perodoua will not have other products launched in the short term, but we are wrong. In October this year, we found a seven seat MPV in the Toyota Avanza coat on the Yunding plateau, which is suspected to be the new Alza, on the road test. Shortly after that, what's more bizarre is that we also released a very strange axia. If we guessed right, it should be the brand new bsegmentsuv, d55l (code name) to be released by Perodua.

At the 2019 Tokyo auto show in October this year, Toyota released its brand new bsegmentsuvrocky unwittingly, and soon after that, Toyota also released the same level of raze. The two new cars are built on Daihatsu's latest DNGA platform and feature a 1.0L turbocharged gasoline engine. Although the official hasn't announced yet, we all know that these two new cars (SUVs) are triplets and sister cars, just like the latest Perodua Aruz, Toyota rush and Daihatsu Terios. If there is no accident, the new car will come out in 2020.

When it comes to 2020, besides d55l, whether the new bezza will appear next year is also a matter of great concern. Yes, we expect this small modified asegment sedan to be available soon. It may be a special version of myvi, or a new version, which is unknown at present. You may wonder, won't the new Alza show up next year? According to perodoua's past statements, the factory's ability is to launch a major model and a minor model every year. The best evidence is that perodoua will only launch a new Aruz and minor model axia this year. So it seems that the quota of bezza and d55lsuv has filled the perodoua's 2020 plan, so we expect the new Alza to be launched in the first half of 2021.

Since the cooperation with Geely Group, it has been more than two years since Dr. Li Chunrong, the current CEO of proton, took office. This year's proton is very busy, full and full of harvest! Driven by Geely's technology delivery, proton has set a very high goal for its recovery plan, which is to return to Malaysia first and ASEAN third; the latest goal is to sell more than 100000 vehicles by the end of 2019. Looking back at proton's performance this year, the most important is still its first SUV, protonx70. The new car was launched in December 2018 and began to be popularized slowly on the road in 2019. Looking back, the X70 was like a never-ending forecast / preview activity before it was released. At that time, the news about it can be described as overwhelming, which is the strategy of proton.